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Hiking, trekking and walking tours in Italy

Hiking Tours in Piedmont Alps with local guides

Altough Italy can boast some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, our peninsula is much more than sun and sea.
On the Alps and the Apennines that cross Italy, you can find some of the most beautiful and fascinating places on the globe, perfect for your hiking tours!
Located “at the foot of the mountains” and on the border with Switzerland and France, the territory of Piedmont, a region in north-western Italy, is encircled on three sides by the Alpine range: not only it constitutes a natural border, but it also includes, right here, the highest peaks and the largest glaciers in Italy.
Piedmontese mountains have an imposing and rugged appereance. Spectacular heights offer landscapes of singular beauty, while the Alps form the background for great picturesque valleys, with pastures and vast woods.

Piedmont has some of the best and most beautiful places for hiking

Why hiking in Piedmont?

52 %

A territory largely covered by mountains

26 K
Total of hikes

The overall length of the hiking trails

4 K

Altitude reached by the highest peaks in the region

3 K

Share reached by many peaks in the region

Hiking Tours in Piedmont (ITALY)
An infinite network of paths

Piedmont Alps

Created for various purposes, these trails were used to connect villages and valleys, to allow the harvesting, to drive flocks to pastures, and to cross Alpine passes. While this work of man was once conceived for mere practical use, today they offer a great opportunity to discover nature and move in an environment full of fascinating sights where silence and colours reign unhindered.

The Langhe-Roero and Monferrato winegrowing landscape, which has been admitted to the prestigious World Heritage List, is very different but equally characteristic. A succession of hills cultivated with vineyards, and dotted with villages and castles, are the result of the combined action of man and nature.

Visit Turin in Piedmont ITALY
The city of a thousand faces

And finally Turin

Cradle of the Risorgimento, the first capital of Italy and of industry, city of art and culture, pole of innovation, Olympic city. Turin combines an immense heritage speaking of centuries of history and the dynamism of a modern European city open to the world.

Here you can find more than 40 museums, art galleries, good food and internationally renowed events, such as the Turin International Book Fair, Terra Madre Salone del Gusto and the Turin Film Festival.

Turin is an unmissable travel destination for those who want to discover the glories of its splendid past through its masterpieces and take part in its lively cutural life, without forgetting the pleasure of wandering through its markets or enjoying a break in one of its many historic cafés.